The Best Code Bootcamp in Jordan is Starting a Camp for Teenagers

With 105 graduates hired locally and abroad, RBK’s successful and popular program is expanding for teenagers. RBK is the first code bootcamp in the Middle East, and is aiming to start the first teenager camp for Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Natural Language Processing (NLP) in that region, also becoming one of few one of few in the world.


We Are Exposing Middle and High School Students to the Hottest Topics and Most In-demand Skills


Dive into the most thrilling and interesting fields of modern technology, and prepare for the next tech revolution. Join a network of passionate students and professionals, and jumpstart your career in technology.

Daily Schedule

  • • Students must arrive at 8:30 AM. They leave at 4:00 PM.
  • • Water and a fully-equipped kitchen are available.
  • • Meals will be provided, so students do not have to get food. They are free to get snacks.

Our Programs

Artificial Intelligence

“Teaching students how to teach machines”


“Everyone has heard of Bitcoin, even your grandma. But what is Bitcoin?”

Internet of Things (IoT)

“Traditional internet is getting a major upgrade. Introducing the Internet of Things”

"I love the informality of the learning environment which made the camp a lot more fun and engaging. Very friendly atmosphere."

Abdulrahman Tabaza - AI Camp

"I wanted to only study computer science but now I feel like I might change my focus to be solely on Artificial Intelligence."

Rukny Kawar - AI Camp

"I hope RBK provides a lot of camps of this kind for teenagers."

Mohammad Anas AlNisr - AI Camp

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